Creating a Student Card Swipe System

Because I don’t have the clout to actually benefit financially from these ideas right now, I’m going to share this with the world.  Also, I know that some people out there in TV land are already doing these sorts of things, especially one company that is called (name extricated because I’m not getting paid to endorse products). I do think these ideas are so self evident that I’m sure other people have thought of these things, even if they couldn’t do them.

I would love to collaborate if you’ve got the means or ability to work on doing these projects.  I think this is the next level of student affairs.  More on that some other time.

After 100 free downloads, I’ve moved this over to the Amazon store.  You can acquire it there!

I talk a lot about data collection and analysis using a card swipe in a student activities context.  However, if you read the whole thing, this is a plan for analyzing student participation and interaction with a campus.  I hope you enjoy.



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