How I’m Making Change On My Campus

My friend Mallory Bower asked, essentially, for us to stop talking about it and start being about it.  Preach on, homes.  She issued a challenge to tell everyone how we’re making change on our campus..

Here’s what I’m doing to make change on my campus in the area I care most about, which is doing quality assessment to make us better at our work.

Created a card swipe system to track event participation and I’m now supporting it for the entire division.  The system ties event participation to student records, so I can see a plethora of data about students who participate in event.  

Created a student leadership assessment to do with our student leaders.  Added a pre and post test for of their experiences that will be rolled out this fall.  Both tie in with the yearly focus competencies that the division has agreed upon.

Act as a voice for pushing forward on the assessment committee through advocating for increased data usage in student affairs.  I’ve tried everything from sending out articles to making suggestions of new activities.  I’m making headway through persistence with changing some minds.

Did an extensive analysis of the card swipe data for 2013-2014 and shared it around the division.  It was used to change several programs.

Manage our student group database to provide understanding of who’s actually involved on campus and make sure that our students are keeping rosters up to date.  I’m also assisting with testing the process of tying student group rosters into student records.

Present on what I’ve been doing any time I’m asked.  And sometimes when I’m not.

Advocate with our institutional research office to use our data to build a profile for student retention.  So far, I’ve been unsuccessful.  I won’t be long term.

Increase my own knowledge through taking statistics courses on campus and data science courses on Coursera.  I come back to my office and use the new knowledge to make a difference.


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